How To Improve Shooting In Soccer

May 10, 2019

As with every other skill related to an impressive soccer performance, shooting is a difficult skill to master. Despite what you might believe, a screamer from 30 yards is everything but easy to score. Sure, professional soccer players make it look easier than it actually is, but you can only imagine the time they invested into perfecting every single piece of their craft.  

The best soccer training programs on the market will always dedicate a chapter to perfecting your shot, as it’s the main weapon to finish every successful action with. You’ll have to learn how to find the top corner, how to beat the keeper, how to handle the one-on-one finish, and more. All those skills will take a lot of practice, so check out our latest dedicated blog and see what you’ll have to go through in order to become a deadly shooter on the pitch. 

How To Improve Shooting In Soccer

Shooting With Power

You don’t want your shot to end up in the gloves of the goalkeeper, right? Well, if it’s nothing but finding the net for you, your shots will have to be delivered with a certain amount of force. When we say “a certain amount,” we mean that your every shot has to have your entire body behind it. The more powerful your shot, the less time your opponents will have to react properly and mess up your attack plans.  

The secret to powerful shots is learning how to connect with the ball properly. Basically, it all comes down to unleashing your inner Hulk and snapping the goalie’s wrists. Nobody said that soccer wasn’t brutal at times.  

Shooting With Accuracy

You can shoot as powerfully as you want if your shots don’t end up behind the goal line. Therefore, every successful action needs to have a dose of precision to it; otherwise, it will amount to nothing. In order to have full control over the ball’s trajectory, you’ll have to keep your head and foot over the ball and goalies will start breaking a sweat every time they see you approach. 

Turn Every One-On-One Into A Goal

Turn Every One-On-One Into A Goal

How many times have you seen the pros ending up alone with the goalie and missing? It’s every striker’s dream scenario, but there’s a lot of skill required to beat a good goalie once they try to cut your angles and make their presence bigger by approaching you and even attacking.  

There are no two ways around this: you’ll have to drill your one-on-ones on every single practice and make sure you know exactly what to do the next time you’re lucky enough to be left with only the goalie to beat.  

Learn From The Pros

The pros can’t keep their moves and techniques a secret since they have to use them every single game. So, if you like a particular player’s style, you should watch their games and make sure you learn from them. Watch as they react to certain situations, how they build the game for a successful shot, how they handle one-on-ones, etc.